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About us - meet Sintra Poland

Sintra Consulting Poland was established in Rzeszów in the first quarter of 2016 as a spin-off of Sintra Consulting S.r.l. Now, Sintra Digital Business Group employs 80 professionals in various fields in Poland, Ukraine and Italy. Among us you will find experienced professionals who create and develop advanced Internet and sales solutions. We focus on continuous learning and organizational development that are key to our increasing cooperative skills. In this way we guarantee the best results and meet the most demanding expectations.

We specialize in professional eCommerce solutions - we build modern online stores and carry out migrations. Among us, you will find experienced Magento and WordPress developers. Our team also offers software development - we create dynamic web and mobile apps using the Angular and React frameworks.


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3 000 000€

the annual turnover
of Sintra Digital
Business Group
in 2017


years of


growth in


professionals in
the various fields

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Our partnership with Magento Community Insider, Shopify, Shopware, Google, PayPal, PimCore and Klaster IT demonstrates our competencies and proven expertise in delivering high-quality solutions.

Meet our team

Our team consists of people with extensive professional experience. The greater part of our team has over 10 years of commercial experience. We work on many complex and comprehensive projects from various industries and sectors. Skillful teamwork is our strength. Meet our leaders:


Janusz Paśkiewicz

CTO eCommerce


Tommaso Rossi

CTO Front-End


Mateusz Sobejko

Head of UX-Design


Michał Furman

Project Manager


Piotr Martens

Head of Account and HR


Bartosz Kaluga



Where do we work?

Rzeszów – „Borderland City” and dynamic development of IT sector

The headquarters of Sintra Consulting Poland Sp. Z O.O. is located in Rzeszów, Podkarpacie - the biggest agglomeration of south-eastern Poland. Rzeszów is located around 168 km from Kraków.

Both cities are connected by the A4 motorway which greatly facilitates communication between these two agglomerations. Rzeszów is also very close to Ukraine and Slovakia.


9 universities


in Rzeszów and Kraków


City area:


185 897

Hundreds of B2B projects and thousands of B2C projects


Rzeszów is a dynamically developing city in Poland. It is also the second city, next to Warsaw, which constantly increases the number of its inhabitants. The ,,Rzeszów-Jasionka" airport offers direct flights to Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Norway, France and other countries. Rzeszów is characterized by the highest percentage of students per total population ofthe city. A great part of students in Rzeszów are students from Ukraine. The city of Rzeszów is also associated with a specialized aviation industry.

The unemployment rate remains stable and universities are trying to offer useful fields of study which meet the needs of a growing market. The office space in Rzeszów exceeds 75,000 sqm and there are nearly 30,000 sqm under construction. Important events and conferences in Rzeszów: Innovation Forum; Congress of IT Professionals; Aviation Valley EXPO Day; Congress of Public Relations Professionals; International Fair of High Quality Food and Products „Eko-Gala”; InternetBeta Conference; Kongres Innowacyjnego Marketingu w Samorządach - marketing congress ; Podkarpackie Job Fair

Polish developers among the world leaders

In 2016 HackerRank, a popular website with free programming lessons, published the results of study on the developers around the world. Polish developers stood on the podium wining the third place from all of the countries, which were examined by HackerRank (nearly one and a half million developers have been examined in terms of speed and efficiency in solving problems). The results of the research were also divided into individual programming languages - Poland ranked number one in Java programming language (it's important due to the fact that it is the most popular programming language among HackerRank users).

Apart from Polish developers,Sintra Consulting Group employs a large number of professionals from such countries as Italy and Ukraine. Italian developers were ranked 10th in HackerRank ranking. When it comes to the database tasks and tutorials, Italians are doing very well. Ukrainians were ranked 11th.

The increasing popularity of Polish developers

In recent years, the demand for IT specialists in Poland has increased by nearly a third. Specialists from the HR industry state that this trend will be increasing. The reason is that the Polish developers are not only sought-after by Polish companies, but also by foreign ones, as evidenced by the growing export of IT services.

In recent years, Polish developers have been associated not only with successes in rankings but also in other prestigious competitions. Many foreign companies are opening their branches or research and development centers in Poland.

Motivation to learn and continuous improveent of qualifications

Polish employees are valued by foreign employers because of their desire to learn new things, commitment and ability to work under the time pressure. To develop practical skills and gain good reputation, IT specialist in Poland have to work hard from the first years at the universities. A lot of companies decide to employ students. A pilot lesson of programming in primary schools started in 2016. However, it is planned to introduce such lessons to every school all over the country.

Every year, several thousand IT specialists with higher education appear in the Polish market. Their competitive advantage is based on creativity, high-quality services and higher education.

Outsourcing - Polish and Hindu Developers - let's break the stereotypes

In the new technologies industry, outsourcing of IT services is associated primarily with Hindus. However, in recent years it can be observed that more and more foreign companies are replacing employees from India by developers from other countries, including Poland.

  • the demand for Polish developers is the largest in the segments related to big data. ERP, security (finance), cloud services and game specialists.

  • in India, however, there is still a very high demand for outsourcing in less advanced areas - especially helpdesk and infrastructure maintenance

Know-How and quality

Polish IT services becomes widely recognised abroad. The reputation and competitive advantage od Polish IT companies is not built on lower prices of services but on high-quality of services, unique know-how, productivity and ability to work under the time pressure.

We invite you to discover the services of Sintra Consulting Poland in the field of e-Commerce Magento and see for youorself the quality of Polish developers team.

1. One of the best programmers in the world

Polish software developers are among the world leaders. According to HackerRank, Poland ranks 3rd in terms of success at popular programming contests. Additionally, Polish developers have a solid educational background and ranked number one in Java programming language.

2. No time difference (EU countries)

There is no significant time difference between European countries, which makes it easy for both sides to make contact and get answers easily without delay and frustration, that could appear with companies located in for e.g. Asia.

3. Lower costs than in western Europe

Poland is not the cheapest country for outsourcing IT projects in the whole world - if the cost is the only or overarching factor, the best choice would be countries in Asia or Africa. But in most of the cases there are also additional expectations to be fulfilled - considering many other important advantages, like experience, talent pool, skills etc., the cost of outsourcing to Poland is very reasonable. ; ;

4. Membership in the EU

Membership in the EU has given plenty of opportunities for Poland and Poles made use of it properly in many different areas. In the past 15 years since 2004, when Poland joined EU, the whole country and prosperity of its citizens has changed significantly. Funds from EU helped to fight unemployment, improved its infrastructure and boosted the economy. Currently Poland has very important international position and 91% of Poles support the membership of the EU.

5. Growing economy

Polish economy is growing constantly and rapidly. From 1990 to 2015, Poland was the country with the highest GDP growth per capita not only in Europe, but also among OECD countries. Another important fact is that Poland is the 6th largest economy among members of EU, and 22nd most innovative economy in the world. This impressive growth would not happen without joining EU in 2004. Additionally, Poland is the first country of the former Soviet Bloc to be graded as a developed market.

6. Dynamically growing IT market

Poland is recording a stable growth when it comes to an IT market - it is estimated at about 5-10 percent a year. In the last few years plenty of companies providing IT services appeared and the market is still not overflowing. Currently there are over 60 000 businesses, including one-person companies, with $9,457 billion industry value.

7. Experienced developers

The whole region of Central and Eastern Europe contains one million programmers and one-quarter of them works in Poland. This enormous number of experienced developers makes Poland the centre of IT in that area. Considering a constant demand on IT specialities among students and ameliorative terms of living, we may expect continous growth of the number of programmers in Poland.

8. Large number of IT graduates

IT specialities are on the top of the most wanted among students - every year over 75 000 of them applies on such studies with up to 14 000 graduates. Poland has a great access to education. There are 102 universities and colleges with 60 000 graduates every year. It is also a great opportunity for foreign students, who wants to study abroad, thanks to low cost of education, living and also scholarships and exchange programs.;

9. Very similar business culture

Outsourcing to Poland by companies from other European countries is also a good idea in terms of business culture. There are no big differences as Poland is also located in Europe. There are similar rules regarding business etiquette, corporate social responsibility, punctuality, gift giving, business dress code and also bribery and corruption.

10. Foreign investments in Poland

Foreign investments and capital are the secret of dynamic growth of the Polish economy, but it is obvious that there won’t be any funds without potential. The success is behind combination of foreign capital and possibilities of this country, including well educated people. It is also important that for over last 20 years Poland was a great place for investments no matter what the current political situation was.

11. Good command of English

Language knowledge is on a very high level in Poland. Universities offer studies with more than 50 foreign languages. Every year there are about 15 000 graduates of language studies. 95% of IT students in Poland claim that they speak English.

12. Large internal market

Although Poland is growing rapidly and consistently from almost 30 last years, there are still many areas to be developed. It is caused by low productivity compared to the more developed EU economies and a low human capital base, according to Deloitte report.

Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport


  • Bristol - The United Kingdom

  • Dublin - Ireland

  • East Midlands - The United Kingdom

  • Frankfurt am Main - Germany

  • London (Luton) - The United Kingdom

  • London (Stansted) - The United Kingdom

  • Manchester - The United Kingdom

  • Oslo - Norway

  • Paris - France

  • Warsaw - Poland

Road transport to other cities:

  • The A4 motorway (Rzeszów - Kraków - Katowice - Wrocław - Jędrzychowice)

  • S-19 freeway (Lublin - Warsaw; under construction - finalization in 2020)

  • National road no. 4 (E-40), no. 9 (E-371)

Distances from Rzeszów to other cities (in kilometers)

  • 168 km Kraków

  • 168 km Lublin

  • 170 km Lviv (Ukraine)

  • 246 km Katowice

  • 296 km Warsaw

  • 437 km Wrocław

  • 521 km Bratislava (Slovakia)

  • 700 km Prague (Czech Republic)

  • 702 km Kiev (Ukraine)

  • 764 km Berlin (Germany)

Your own development team in Poland

If you’re a small or medium sized company looking for a development team for the first time, then a destination like Poland is almost certainly the best bet. We are able to build a dedicated software development team for you to work full time or part time in our office in Poland.


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Accelerating Digital Innovation and e-Commerce Omnichannel Experience

Polish IT services becomes widely recognised abroad. The reputation and competitive advantage od Polish IT companies is not built on lower prices of services but on high-quality of services, unique know-how, productivity and ability to work under the time pressure.

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